maanantai 15. huhtikuuta 2013

Semisti Miinuksella Productions , Small Introduction

Semisti Miinuksella Productions is small , totally independent, collective of persons! The idea behind this movement, is to release underground art , mostly music, in different formats. We are not limited in one genre, although, the focus on first releases will be metal music. How we want our metal? In old-school way of course! And we are proud to present two releases of Mausoleum Gate as our first act of musical madness. 

Releases by catalog number:

Semi 001 - Mausoleum Gate - Obsessed By Metal 7" vinyl = 5€
Semi 002 - Mausoleum Gate - Gateways for the Wicked demo re-issue tape = 4€

You can order them from:

Of course if you have allready bought them somewhere else, you can contact us or band with comments! Distribution list coming as soon as we get couple of more deals done!

Last but not least here is cool shot of the releases (thanks to Petteri Ovaskainen for gratious shot):

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